Monday, January 17, 2011

The Letter ! ! !

It was really weird!

Why? I don’t know.

Somebody else would have been thrilled to see something like this.

“Take it. Read!” Dad raised his voice to bring me back to earth.

I gingerly extended my hand to take the very old piece of paper from him.

He beamed at me. “This was probably the last letter your grandfather wrote to me”, Dad said

The paper was thin, pale and extremely fragile. The top right corner had the date 24-10-1981 in green ink. This was written 3 months before my grandfather passed away.

I went straight to the kitchen and sat down to read. “The English is excellent, but the handwriting is crap”, this was the first thing that crossed my mind. “Just like mine!” I chuckled at the thought.

“What are you reading?” Mom asked as she paused to look up from the tons of dishes in the basin

“Oh!” She smiled and returned to her work before I could say anything.

Dad was at Abu Dhabi at that time and obviously, the whole letter was filled with news from home.

“This letter is written in blue, green, and black ink!” I thought out aloud.

“That’s because he never finished a letter in one stretch. He took about 3 days to write it.” I did not expect mom to answer that question. But now that she did, I thought of the numerous times I had saved emails to drafts before sending them across.

I finished reading the letter, returned it to Dad. I could see that he was waiting for me to say something as I turned around and went to my room.

There were two reasons for making this whole episode weird to me.

I have never seen my grandfather. He passed away before I was born. He was the topic of discussion only 2 or 3 times ever. Dad and Grandpa were pretty close. And it was clear and evident from the letter too. And whenever mom talked about him, she was so excited – she loved the guy. But, I don’t know why he was not in our conversations. This both confused and angered me. I would have loved to know him more. But that is never ever going to happen again.

Secondly, Dad seemed to treasure that old piece of paper like gold. It made me think, what do I have that can give me this same feeling? Of course, I have a number of emails that dad sent to me. But emails clearly lack the honesty and love of a handwritten letter. And most of the mails were only to scold me or to simply convey a message. Or maybe, when the time comes, even these mails will give the same feeling. Or maybe I don’t need something to make me feel the love that I have always felt towards my Dad.

Only time will tell…


  1. Ohh boy, I too hate this e-mail system...!! :/

    But your this post is just too divine, i could connect to it..!!

    I too have not seen my grandfather and I am not even that lucky to have nay kind of handwritten letters of him..!!

    But your this post is just too awesome :)

    Regards! :)

  2. Thanks a lot Sanjana... :)

    Sad to know that there r more people out there who weren't lucky enough to have seen their granpa...

    Thanks once again for your comment :)

  3. your very first post
    you've written it so nicely & the ting about email & letter feels so at times.
    do you feel the same way about it even now? after almost a year

    you wrote this on 17 Jan & your first comment on it was in June - 6 months later.
    hmm it made me think of my own blog journey

  4. Wow! Thanks for bring that to my notice! Written on Jan 17th... First and only comment on June 16th! But this post means a lot to me! Cos dad saw this and then we spent hours together discussing granpa! So sumthin good did come outta this, even if it was not traffic to my blog! And yes, I still do feel exactly the same way, after almost a year!



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