Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Color Me Crazy ! ! !

Color [C] and Black and White [BW] sitting at a coffee shop, sipping well… hot coffee!

C: “Aah!!! What would the world do without me?”

BW: *Sighs* “We have had this conversation a countless times. Could you just drop it already?”

C: *smiles* It is true. But C just loved picking up a fight with BW. She knew that it always irritated BW who thought very highly of himself. “No, come on! Am I right or am I right?”

BW: “Yeah! You are right!”

Oh no! She didn’t really think this conversation would end so soon!

BW: “But…” Puts his coffee down and faces C

C: Now we are talking…

BW: “You do know that I am the classic one don’t you?”

C: *Scoffs* “Yeah! At the start of the 20th century”

BW: “Black and white are the colors of photography. To me they symbolize the alternatives of hope and despair to which mankind is forever subjected – Robert Frank”

C: “Oh! You wanna go like that? Well then - A picture of many colors proclaims images of many thoughts – Donna A. Favors”

BW: “Whatever that means!”

C: “Ha! Look around you! Everything is so pretty when colorful. What good is a rainbow that does not have all colors? What good is the flower or the butterfly on it without those vibrant hues? Look at the number of Green, Red, and Blue cars that fill the roads.”

BW: “You do know that the highest number of cars sold are white ones, don’t you? Followed by what? BLACK!”

C: “That hardly proves anything. Why do you think photography and film-making developed from Black&White to color? They developed. They evolved. You are old and hardly gold.” C could sense that things were getting tensed now.

BW: “Why, this blog itself is in Black&White template? Why do you think that is? Why? Why? Why?”

C: “That is simply because the author himself cannot make up his own damn mind. He has changed the templates atleast 5 times in the past one month. The last one was bright yellow”

BW: “Well, go to the nearest photography exhibition and take a look, young lady - the best pictures are Black&White.”

C: “Go to any movie hall, anywhere and take a look, old man – all of them are in color”


C: “Black and white are extremes. Whereas, like the famous Marc Chagall put it - All colors are the friends of their neighbors and the lovers of their opposites”

BW: “Well, he said all colors – Black and White are colors too!” BW was fuming now.

C: “Aha! Gotcha! Did you just agree that you are a part of me!”

BW was smiling now. He realized he was cornered. They broke out into laughter.

BW: “Ah! It is true. Peace can only be achieved through harmony. The sooner mankind realizes that, the sooner we can put an end to such mundane debates.”

Silence again…

BW: “Man has enough to worry about everyday. Colors just brighten things up with the promise of better things. Man loves to dream. Dream of things that are not entirely possible, and that is his success. Colors make him happy. But he gets so carried away that he forgets that his past is the reason why he is where he is now. His past is scripted in Black&White. And as long as he remembers the Black&White path he did tread, he will come to fully value the colorful life he now leads.”

BW picked up his coffee, leaned back, closed his eyes and said to himself – “This blog is Black&White because it is classic and it is not too much for the eyes. The focus remains on the posts. Ha! Young blood!”

C picked up her coffee and looked into it - a mix of brown and white. She smiled and said to herself – “Ooh… this blog just looks horrible! What would the world do without me!”

This post was written for a contest on IndiBlogger!


  1. That was very good imagination....good one!!

  2. A black and white dialogue has been very colourfully penned down. Loved the post :-)

    Good luck for the contest.

  3. Thank you... Loved your comment even more...

    Good luck to you too... :)

  4. I loved the concept...very different :)

  5. I came to this post a week back and thought it was a coincidence that you have posted this during the HP contest.

    But very beautiful take on the color and BW idea. And the first funny-cum-philosophical look on BW and color. (Apart from mine, if I may add)

    I like your post very much. All the best.

  6. @Shalmalee Thank you... I am glad u luv it :)

    @Sairam: Wasn't a coincidence. hehe! This is my first ever attempt at a blogging contest and I am overjoyed that I got so many "likes" (20 already). Winning doesnt matter anymore. But thanks for ur wishes. All the best to you too :) Ur posts r alws funny and I stand nowhere near them. Thanks again :)

  7. I very much liked the contradiction presented in form of ongoing conversation, nice going :-)

  8. Thank you... I am glad u like it...

  9. Nice idea!!!! Keep it up...Best of luck!!!

  10. crazy.. colourful imagination and BW words are awesome.. and will my life be colourful

    Someone is Special

  11. Thank u... I like ur post too... :)

  12. Thank you :) Appreciate your stopping by :)

  13. Thank u chitz, for takin the time to read this...

  14. Love your style of writing!! so I am not only following your blog but here's an award for your blog too!! Enjoy!!


    1. I am truly honored... Really! Thanks a zillion... This is my first award... :)



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