Monday, June 20, 2011

Welcome to the Real World

Yes, I do know that the title is from the famous movie – The Matrix. And there is a reason for that. We now live in the time in which the line that divides the real world from technology has become so wispy that it is difficult to distinguish between the two.

Just like in the movie, we all now live double lives. In one life, we are the face that is almost always lost in the crowd. In the other, we have a lot of friends, we are popular, and we are at all places at all times. And to do that, we have to have the right gadgets!

Yes, we now do “live” in our gadgets. And nobody ever thinks twice before flaunting the same. Well, why should they? When you churn out so much cash to get the gadget you want, you want people to know that you have it, don’t you?

Do your gadgets reflect your personality in any way? Of course! I would think twice before I pulled out my old humongous cellphone in public. But if it is the new snazzy one that released just last week, I would think twice before putting it back in.

For a generation that lives 70% of their life on Social Networking sites and needs the right phone, the right laptop, and the right, well… everything, to do so – Gadgets are the answer.

But, gadgets no longer are just about being up-to-date with technology. But it has become something that defines the very personality of its owner. They are now – A Statement! That clearly explains why simple things like Java and Symbian, had to give way to more “complex” and therefore “cooler” things like iOS, Blackberry, Bada, or Android.

The funniest part is that your responsibility of owning a cool new gadget does not end when you buy it. But you need to go ahead and download cool little applications called - you guessed it right - Gadgets! So you decide that you do not need all those new stuff. And you are pissed that people are blindly wasting their money on such things. And you decide to write a blog about it. You make a blog. And then what do you do? SURPRISE – You add GADGETS to the sidebar and the footer and every other little space you can find to make sure that your post reaches “the masses”! Haha! Gotcha!!!

Well, if you thought that youngsters are responsible for this so-called fad – you are wrong. There used to be a time when I bought a new phone and gave my old one to my dad to use. But recently he bought a Core i7 laptop. And when I pulled mine out, he pointed at my Core2Duo, and laughed. :( Just like how cool moms and dads fill our social networking lists, they have also become extremely tech-savvy! And they also feel embarrassed to use old gadgets when the youngsters are using the new cooler ones.

So what really is The Real World? Well, that is for you to decide. But do gadgets reflect your personality? Ha! Damn right, they do!!!

This post was written for a contest on IndiBlogger!


  1. 'he pointed at my Core2Duo, and laughed' -
    *rolls eyes* SO true, parents have turned sadistic :|

    Nice post, very affirmative:)

  2. Ya they sure have... :(

    Thanks for takin the time to read...

  3. Something very true..i like the post :)

  4. Nice post.
    I agree that our gadgets have become the focal point in our conversations, interactions and life.

    So what kind of phone do you have? humongous or the snazzy one?

  5. Thanks a lot Sairam

    Within a year my snazzy one started looking more and more humongous ;)

    That is the thing bout gadgets isnt it? Constant updates... :(



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