Thursday, December 22, 2011

The 80s - The Best Time to have been Born!

It all started with a post doing the rounds on Facebook saying, "If you were born in the 80s you are the greatest generation!". It got me thinking and it actually made sense.

I always thought that old people expect their next generation to go through hell, just cos' they went through it themselves. But now that I am old(er), I realize that maybe we did go through hell comparing to everything you have now, but it was so much more fun to have actually gone through it! Together!
Here are the top 5 reasons why: (in random order)

1. Inconvenience Rocks:
Oh yeah! It was awesome to be inconvenienced. And the best part was that we had no cellphones. No texting. No Internet and therefore no IMs and no Facebook! Holy Crap! Can you imagine a time without these things? So if you had to catch up with a friend, you have to drop by his/her place. Hence, you knew their parents and their parents knew your parents etc... Nowadays, can you really be sure as to who your kids are "hanging" with?

2. The Real Cartoons:
We had REAL cartoons when we were growing up! I stress on "real" cos' what the kids these days watch are not cartoons. They are craptoons! What the hell is a Doraemon or a crime fighting kid who can turn himself into 10 different aliens! Pffbt! You still have Tom and Jerry, the one cartoon that entertains all generations, but it is nowhere near the standards set by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. 

3. No Money! Loads of Fun:
It was the time when you did not need money to have fun. There were no McDs or KFCs to hang out in. All you needed was your bicycle, a bunch of friends, and a empty ground (even the shade of a tree!). Fun just formed outta nowhere! The kinda things such idle minds thought up for fun were pure genius! A ball made out of coconut palm leaves and a bat cut from the same tree used to give hours of cricket!

4. TV-Video Games:
You did not need a super-expensive graphics card to play games. All you needed was the classic video game console, connect it to the TV and play "Super Mario" all day long. Duck Hunt, F1 Races, Batman, and lame old Tetris filled our days. Gore and murder were not a part of video games then. The most violent it got was when we played "Contra"! Nothing else. And the most sophisticated computer game that we occasionally got to play was "Dave"! ;)

5. We had more fun. Period!:
Unbelievable, right? There was no OMG, LOL, K, BRB, ROFL, ROFLMFAO etc. We laughed our hearts out, spoke our hearts out, and listened to our heart's content! We shared jokes, but not on each others' walls. We posed for pictures together rather than posting them without our friends in them. The movies we saw together was at home in a video cassette player. The music we heard were on a huge boom box in a audio cassette player. We didn't have computers or internet. But we had each other and we had fun.

You can always mock me saying that this is what every passing generation says. And it is true. But seeing the way kids these days have fun just makes me wanna throw up. God, I feel so old already!!! :(


  1. haha, nice one!
    but I don't think I can give this all up now :D

  2. Trust me! I know exactly how you feel... :)

  3. If you were born in the 80's you probably wont be having this blog now and we wont be reading abt how cools the 80's would have been ;)

    If you ask me, 80's was the place to be in america :D In india it sucked :D You would have felt there was no hope for us instead of thinking when we are going to over take japan in terms of gdp :) :)

  4. @Saju: Really! Those were the times!!!

    @The Narcissist: Guess you got me wrong. I didnt say that the 80s were the best time to live in, but it was the best time to be BORN! So the change into the current era was smooth and gradual, and so we got to enjoy both the styles!!! Old and New!!!

  5. I see kids as old as 14-15, hanging out in posh malls, wearing adult clothes and showing off their new gadgets, its like they are missing out on their childhoods..

  6. Loved this post for the sole reason that I was born in the 80s. and cheers to your reply to the Narcissist.. We got the best of both the worlds didn't we? :) Following you now :)

  7. ok somehow found ur blog. as i mentioned on my post i chase down everyone. well excellent post as i cud relate to most of the things u said. however, perhaps because i m bit older than u so i can say we had more fun :D.

  8. @Ana_treek: So true!!! It is like they will never ever never get to know what real fun was. Call me old, but a Xbox is hardly the definition of fun as far as I know! ;)

    @The Pink Orchid: Wow! One more 80s born to the list! We really did get to enjoy both the worlds! Thanks a zil for the "follow"! :)

    @factsandnonsense: U kept ur word! Glad u tracked me down! So I guess I was right, every generation feels that the next is a bit more "boring", if I can use that word!!! :)



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