Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Am One Year Old Today!

Hi, I am "When Da Sun Goes Down"!
Today is 17 January, 2012. First of all, thanks to Blogoversary for reminding me that today is my Birthday! And that I am One Year old! Yippee!

So I have decided to take a few moments for myself and reminisce.

My Birth:

My birth was the out-of-the-blue idea of my creator when he decided to shift back to Bangalore from his hometown for his higher studies. Prior to that my elder brother, Da Magic Mirror (who was born in March 2007), was the only place my author haunted. And to be honest, it was quite a nonsense blog filled with random rantings, until 28 October 2010, when he underwent a complete makeover to become the Photo Blog that he is now!

I was created on some date of September, 2009 as my creator joined for his MBA. The purpose of the blog was to write about each day's activities for friends and family back home (who faithfully followed each post enthusiastically). I know, it is so L.A.M.E., right! And hence I was christened "When Da Sun Goes Down", as I was updated everyday during the time when the sun sets.

My Rebirth:

A few weeks into blogging and my author realized that people (read - friends only!) were actually interested in reading what I had to say. And, a few ramblings about poverty and sorrow actually was better received than the daily activities part of it. Thus, during his 3rd semester (when he decided that going to college was an actual waste of time) I was taken down. And with a new year resolution to blog better and more regularly, I was reborn, under the same name.

The Story Since:

Nothing much changed for a long time. My first post The Letter, written on 17 January 2011 got its very first comment on 16 June 2011, almost 5 months later. (Thank You Sujatha, for pointing this out!) The content was (and still is...) random rantings about things that affect my author in some way. But the response from friends were legendary. But outside traffic was really low.

And just like how his interest wanes in all things, my creator started ignoring me too. This was when he chanced upon IndiBlogger. This was a major turning point. I met and followed a lot of other blogs and blogettes and fell in love with some. Some of them "followed" me too. I also started having posts written for contests, which were really different from my usual content (though I won nothing!). And then my author graduated and got a job... :(

No he struggles to manage blogging in between a job and a family. But he does quite okay, I guess :)

Vote of Thanks:

I have lots of people to thank:

Firstly, my creators' friends and family - They are and always will be his inspiration to write (and my only followers for a really long time!).

My Followers - They remind me that I am loved and respected.

My Followers who leave comments on my posts - You guys are the real gems. It is for you that I write.

IndiBlogger - Not only did you inspire my author, you helped me connect with like-minded people and bring a lot of traffic too.

Google - Whatever Wordpress users might say, I am in love with Blogger. Thanks for the continued support.

There are many more to thank and I can't just list them all here. Instead, let me just shout out an "I LOVE YOU ALL!" for each and everyone of you!

And finally, Happy Birthday to Me! I am a One Year Old Grown Up Blog now! :D


  1. Happy Blogoversary :D This blog is indeed a super cool place. keep rocking. :)))))

    Btw, that header was good. miss it :(

    1. That header had to be taken down as it did not go with the new template. Will bring it back (with some changes) soon. Thanks a lot :)

  2. congrats & all the best,keep writing & winning the hearts...

  3. Cheers bro.. Though i'm nt a regular reader, i do read some in between n they turn out to be quite good. Keep it comin man. And happy 1st anniversary. Kudos :)

    1. Thanks a lot bro... I didnt even know that you read... Glad!!! :)

  4. happy blogoversary. this is one of the nicest blogs i have come across. so i fall under 'followers who leave comment' category right :D? cheers

    1. Oh yes, you always do... Thanks a lot... Esp for callin it one of the nicest blogs ever! :) lol...

  5. i never knew the reason behind the blog name. i had wondered about it of course but dont know why i never asked u. must have skipped my mind

    ""ramblings about poverty &sorrow was better received""" - LOL

    oh CONGRATS and HAPPY BDAY your creator rocks because he kept u alive and well nurtured.he is a good learner,i say :))

    1. Well, now u know what it means... :)
      Thanks a lot for saying that I and my blog "ROCK"!!! Yay!!! :)



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