Friday, June 22, 2012

Rapid Fire Questions - Part 6

Difficulty level - 3 Low, 4 Medium, 3 High

1. Who was the world's first computer programmer?

Answer – Ada Lovelace

2. Who authored ancient Sanskrit epic 'Ramayana', also known as 'Adi-Kavya' (first epic poem)?

Answer – Valmiki

3. Which are the BRIC countries?

Answer – Brazil, Russia, India, and China

4. Which was the first Indian company to list on the Nasdaq in 1999?

Answer – Infosys

5. RIM or Research in Motion is the Company that makes?

Answer – Blackberry Phones

6. The purity of precious metal Gold is measured in Carat. How much carat of Gold alloy has 75 percent of Gold and rest 25 percent of other metals ?

Answer – 18 Carat

7. Which is the highest award given to a sports coach in India?

Answer – Dronacharya Award

8. Which is the first Hindi film screened at the United Nations

Answer – Lage Raho Munna Bhai

9. First Indian to receive the Honorary Oscar Award for Lifetime Achievement

Answer – Satyajit Ray

10. Which Country's first woman Chancellor is Angela Merkel?

Answer – Germany

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