Saturday, September 22, 2012

Rapid Fire Questions - Part 9

Difficulty level - 3 Low, 4 Medium, 3 High

1. Cassius Clay is the original name of which famous boxer?

Answer – Muhammad Ali

2. The oil derived from which tree is chiefly used in medicine?

Answer – Eucalyptus

3. Name the person who has most number of stamps issued in the world after him?

Answer – Gandhi

4. Where was the first Asian Games held?

Answer – New Delhi

5. By which name was Thailand known previously?

Answer – Siam

6. Svetambara and Digambara are different categories in which religion?

Answer – Jainism

7. First Asian to win a Nobel Prize in the year 1913

Answer – Rabindranath Tagore

8. Where is the first railway museum in Asia located?

Answer – New Delhi

9. The Aswan High Dam was built on which river?

Answer – Nile

10. The Operation carried out by US Special Forces to kill Osama bin Laden was called?

Answer – Operation Neptune Spear

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