Thursday, January 17, 2013

Turning 2!

Feels not too long ago that this blog turned ONE!

And Blogoversary tells me that this blog is 2 already. Today, I complete 2 years of blogging! Yippee!!!

A lot changed in the last one year in my life and in this blog. Have added some quiz questions, some really cool advertisements (twice every month), some movie and book reviews, and tried my hand at 55 Fiction too.

Yet, have also managed to write some sensible posts in between. Given the work-load, the family-load, zillions of movies and TV Series watched and books read, and all the trips, it is quite a miracle that this blog is still alive at the end of 2 years. 

And yeah, I crossed 20,000 hits too :P (I know, I am a show-off!)

So, here is wishing my beloved blog a Very Very Happy Birthday and a Beautiful 2nd Year Anniversary!

Hope I will be able to write more "actual" posts than just quiz and print ads in 2013.

- Nikhil

P.S. Taking this opportunity to thank everyone who has read me atleast once, and lotsa love to everyone who left atleast one comment :) Thank You!



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