Friday, January 8, 2016

An Open Letter to KSSTM

Dear Kerala State Science and Technology Museum,

We need to talk!

This Christmas vacation I was unfortunate enough to think that it was a good idea to introduce my little cousins to the idea of a Science Museum. Oh! What a big mistake it was to take them to the “Careless-State Science and Technology Museum” – Yes, given your current state, I took the liberty to rechristen you!

Just out of curiosity, may I ask, when you were last graced with the presence of Shri. Arul Jerald Prakash (Director), and Shri. P. K. Abdu Rabb (Chairman). Do they even know your present condition?

You are apparently one of the highly recommended places to see in our beautiful capital city, although I am pretty sure that most people recommending this have never stepped foot in here. 

The very first exhibit that greets visitors – does not work! And neither do almost 70% of remaining exhibits – the biggest let-downs being the Electronics and Computer sections. The saving grace was probably the exhibits from the Space section which were well maintained and had a lot of information. However, it was a complete let down to see a Stormtrooper on the International Space Station exhibit. I am pretty sure it was not a promotional activity for The Force Awakens but the poor Trooper was probably mistaken for an average Astronaut! The blasphemy!

Within the very first minute of stepping in, I did regret buying the tickets to the 3D Theatre and the Thrillarium as well.  And just as expected, they were equally bad. If it is in fact due to budget constraints (and not because of your apathetic attitude) that these shows are this bad, I think you should not feel ashamed to download a good 3D movie off of the Internet. It cannot be as embarrassing as playing sub-standard shows! And please just retire the Thrillarium before somebody gets hurt because it is falling apart and too late to be fixed.

In stark contrast to everything I have just said, Priyadarshini Planetarium, is a true beauty. This is something that everyone, irrespective of age, will enjoy. In fact, this is probably the only show in the whole complex worth spending money on.

On the day we visited almost all shows were pretty much sold out – makes one wonder where all this money goes! And as we were leaving there were bus-loads of young students queuing up to see the exhibits. It is important that the authorities wake up now and fix the place up as soon as possible as it is simply wrong to put young, inquisitive, impressionable minds through this.

With lots of love,
A disappointed Trivandrumite!


  1. Hahaha.... sorry about the experience but couldn't help but laugh at your rechristening ...
    Trivandrumite !!! Seriously? Hehehe



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